Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Why Diaper Parties?

I recently became a consultant for Diaper Parties! I never thought I'd do any sort of in-home party business because I have never felt comfortable asking people to buy things from me, but I feel like cloth diapers are an investment that saves you money and truly helps people, so this was a perfect fit for me!

It has come to my attention that many people don't quite understand what I'm doing when I say I do "diaper parties." Hopefully this post will help explain what we are, as well as what we aren't.

First, let me begin by sharing our company's vision statement:

Mission Statement: Diaper Parties, LLC strives to educate families about the numerous cloth diaper and natural parenting options available today. Our customers are smart, earth-friendly, and economical, and realize the benefits of using cloth diapers. We offer a wide variety of natural parenting products at the same price as other retailers, but with the added benefit of having an educated 
and hand-picked consultant that can give you professional advice.

What it is: a party where you can earn rewards as a hostess or party attendee...
Many times when I explain what a "diaper party" is, people will say, "Oh, so it's like Pampered Chef or Scentsy, but with diapers?" This is partially true, since I will be presenting products and giving party attendees the opportunity to order at the end of the party. We also offer rewards for hostesses and party attendees based on party sales. This changes monthly, depending on the featured 'brand of the month.'
What it isn't: a 'pyramid' company
Sometimes people assume it's similar to other 'in home' party companies where I work for someone, who works for someone, who works for someone and I have the potential to have others work under me, etc. (aka, "pyramid scheme"). This is not at all true. I work for Diaper Parties, LLC. So do lots of other consultants. None of us get any extra pay for having others work under us. We are all working in our own areas with no one 'under' or 'over' us (besides the main company being in charge). We do support each other by sharing ideas, resources, etc. with each other, but there is no financial 'pyramid' (if there were, I would not have been interested in working for this company). I think having this structure helps people stay honest and be willing to help each other out with resources, etc. unselfishly instead of thinking of how they can get ahead of the next person doing the same parties. We have consultants in many areas, but the main company is careful to keep consultants spread out so that they are not competing with each other.

Now, what about your consultant?
We are here to help you, through education and guidance. Our primary goal is to educate others on the benefits of cloth diapering, as well as our other products, like baby carriers and natural baby and laundry products.
We believe that if we educate people on the benefits of our products, they will want to try them themselves. We aren't making any money to educate customers, but we are hoping that if you choose to use the products we offer, you choose to order them through us. We have the same prices and sales as any other retailer, since the manufacturer sets the prices. The difference is, we are here for you as a personal support team! Any time you have a question, you have a person to ask! You don't have to talk to a computer, send countless emails, or do your own research. We are your personal consultant in every sense!
This is where the major difference between Diaper Parties and other retailers comes in. We are charging you the same price to buy diapers and other products as everyone else, but we also give you personalized service!
*Please realize that this means we are not getting huge commissions off of anything. This is not a company that I'm a part of to get rich from. I do this because I strongly believe that I can help people improve their lives and their childrens' lives through educating them and helping them purchase the products we offer.
**Please also consider that we are taking our own time and efforts to help you become educated about our products and while we aren't looking to get rich, it would be really nice if after we have helped you, you purchase from us. Sometimes consultants spend hours or days helping people only to have them order from somewhere else. Would you do that to a Scentsy or Pampered Chef representative?
Remember, we have the same sales as anyone who carries that manufacturer's products, and we offer free shipping over certain amounts and other incentives with our 'brand of the month' program. You will also earn reward points with each purchase, which can be redeemed for giftcards (aka, free products)!

So, if you are interested in cloth diapers (or any of our other products), contact your local consultant today! We can either do a personal consultation or a diaper party.

A consultation or a party--Which is right for me?
A consultation is great for someone who is interested in getting started with cloth diapers. We can meet with you in person as well as communicate online. We can bring our kit to you to show you the different types and brands of diapers (and some other products we offer) in person. I don't know about you, but it is hard for me to buy something online without having seen it in person first. Especially something that is such an investment like cloth diapers! That's the main benefit of DP consultants--we bring the store to you!
A party would be great for either a group of moms that is seriously considering cloth diapers or is interested in our other products (like designer diaper bags, baby carriers, and baby care products). It would also be great for moms who already use cloth diapers but want to add to their stash and learn about the newest products! OR if you use cloth diapers and have some friends who have shown interest, but just aren't sure about it yet, a party could help them learn more and see how cloth diapers can work for them!
Rewards and incentives are offered for both consultations and parties. These change monthly, depending on our brand of the month. For example, the September brand of the month is Jellystone Designs. This month's incentives for a personal consultation or party will be free products from Jellystone Designs based on the party or consultation sales amounts. Also, those who host or attend  parties will be entered into drawings for free products!

Another helpful service Diaper Parties offers is baby registries! Your consultant can even send you shower inserts to put into your shower invitations. Many times, cloth diapering mamas may need or want to add to their cloth diaper stash, but people who haven't used cloth diapers themselves are intimidated about ordering them for someone else. Take out the guess work with a registry!

If you have any additional questions about Diaper Parties, please feel free to ask in the comments here or on my Facebook page!

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