Saturday, October 5, 2013

bumGenius Clearance BLOWOUT at Diaper Parties, LLC!!

bumGenius Clearance Blowout!!

Amazing deals on 4.0, Freetime, Elemental, and Flip!

In case you missed it, bumGenius announced they were going to discontinue several colors and prints this week!

This means two things:
1) They are going to come out with something new soon (yay!)
2) They are some outrageous deals going on to clear out the remaining inventory of the discontinued items!

*Flip Diaper Covers, originally $13.95, NOW $6.95!!
*4.0 Pockets, originally $17.95, NOW $11.95!!
*Freetime All In Ones, originally $19.95, NOW $12.95!!
*Elemental Organic All In Ones, originally $24..95, NOW $15.95!!

Lots of colors included, plus Lovelace, Irwin, and Maathai prints!!

Click the photos and links below to go check out the amazing deals!

Side Note: In case you missed it earlier, Econobum covers and prefolds by bumGenius are also on sale! One Size diaper covers are 2 for $12, and Trial Packs are 3 for $30 (3 Covers and 9 Prefolds total)! See my previous post for more details!

It's a fantastic time to try something new or to build your stash with some of your favorites! As always, please feel free to ask any questions by contacting me at myFacebook page and please remember to choose me as your consultant at checkout! Your business helps me stay a stay at home mom, and I appreciate it so much!

Flip Hook & Loop Covers

4.0, Freetime, Elemental, and Flip Snap Covers