Friday, September 28, 2012

So Cute It's SCARY!

So, I've been wondering what costumes my family will be wearing for Halloween this year. Last year, we got lazy and didn't even dress our son up. I know, I know, I'm a horrible parent...but he was two, our church canceled their Fall Festival last minute, and we didn't have anywhere to go besides grandparents' houses. At least his first Halloween wasn't a total bust. He was Toad from the Nintendo Mario games. It was pretty epic. We used the costume again at a church youth group party, and my husband dressed as Mario and I dressed as Princess Peach. So fun!

This year I need to come up with a costume for a family of four (or just the kids)--mom, dad, brother, baby sister. I always wanted to do the Rubbles (neighbors from the Flintstones) when it was just my husband, son, and I, but if we did that now, it would look like the Rubbles who just happen to be carrying around Pebbles (or the Flintstones randomly toting along Bam Bam).

Cutest idea so far? S'mores (mom and dad are graham crackers, kids are chocolate bar and marshmallow)! However, I'm pretty sure getting my husband to dress up at all is going to be like trying  to get my son to sit still and not make a sound (aka, near impossible).

That brings me down to getting my toddler and baby costumes. My son is big time into Peter Pan/pirates, so I've gotten him convinced to dress up as Peter Pan (took some convincing for him not to be Captain Hook). My daughter, well, she's a baby, so she will wear what I want her to wear--and I think she'll make an adorable Tinkerbell. :) This will all work out great with the Peter Pan birthday party I'm planning for my son this November. Hopefully I'll have an all-out amazing post on that in the future!

Well, despite what I dress the kids up like, I'd like to have some Fall/Halloween-ish outfits for them to wear to the Pumpkin farm, etc. My son will be pretty easy to put into jeans and a plaid shirt, or to find a cute Halloween-ish shirt (maybe a skeleton shirt, like he had his first Halloween?), but my daughter is a different story. In a land of adorable bejeweled holiday tops and tutus, I've been having trouble finding something that is affordable as it is cute! Even deal sites are pricing these far above what I'd consider spending. (Do people really pay those 'full' prices, or do they make those up? I mean, $70 for a tutu outfit seems a bit much to me.)

Enter cloth diapers. I have thoroughly enjoyed coordinating my daughter's diapers with her outfits (yay for dresses and BabyLegs!), but so far the only Halloween/fall idea I had was to put her in her orange (aka, "Clementine") bumGenius diapers, perhaps underneath a tutu with a black top.

Then...awesome sauce--Diaper Parties got a shipment of the coolest cloth diapers and covers I've ever seen (and I've seen a lot of diapers). What makes them so great, you ask?




In the dark.


I hope you thoroughly understand my amazement now. Not sure you can, though, honestly. It's pretty intense.

Allow me to share the amazing cuteness with you...

(You can click the pictures to learn more.)

One Size diaper cover by Kissaluvs"Booville" print
(This one does not glow in the dark, but it still pretty darn cute!)

One Size diaper cover by Kissaluvs "Spiderweb" print
As you can see, this one glows in the dark!This is the most likely pick for my daughter. 
I'm planning on pairing it with a blackshirt and either a green or orange tutu. *color me stoked*

One Size pocket diaper by Happy Heinys"Halloween" print 
(black with orange snaps and trim)
Available in Aplix closure

One Size pocket diaper by Happy Heinys
glow in the dark "Skull" print
Available in snaps or Aplix closure

The tried and true bumGenius 4.0 One Size pocket diaper
"Clementine" orange colorAvailable in snaps or Aplix closure, 
and a great staple for your clothdiaper wardrobe, during Fall or any time of the year!
So what do you think? Should I stick with the "spiderwebs" cover as my first choice for my daughter? Do you coordinate cloth diapers with your child's costume or other holiday apparel? I know I've seen some cute Christmas diapers before, too, and I'm looking forward to seeing what we get in this year!
Which one of these diapers/covers is your favorite?

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